Thursday, August 2, 2012

A message from the Brewer

Hello All,

Well, since the last blog post was back in February, its time for and update!

As close friends of the brewery already know, I have finally made the move down from Chicago!

Since then it has been quite busy. The first week consisted of me attending Boiler School over at Allied Boiler in Murfreesboro. Dave and his crew at Allied put on an awesome class that taught safe and proper operation of boilers. During the class I got an opportunity to get acquainted with Mayday’s boiler, which is pictured below.

After boiler school my attention has been focused on the Mayday brews.  We have been working with a couple companies getting quotes for hops and malt.  The unfortunate part about starting a brewery this late in the year is all the hop contracts for 2012 are done, meaning there aren’t many hops available.  Another one of the many small hurdles to overcome when starting a brewery.

Next up: Hot Chicken and Jorts III.  

Our good friends at Jubilee Beer will be putting on their 3rd annual Hot Chicken and Jorts, This party is sure to be a blast! You can guarantee the Mayday crew will be there decked out in our full red neck regalia.  For more info on the party check out Jubilee’s Face book page:

Finally, some minor work has been going on in the building. Hopefully the major work will start by the end of next week! 
Our equipment from DME is coming along nicely and is scheduled for delivery on September 13th! And let me tell ya, this system is going to be SWEET! Pics of the equipment progress and other Mayday news can be found on our Mayday face book page. Check it out!

Any who, there is a lot going on for Mayday and a lot more to come in the very near future! Stay tuned! It is sure to be a good time!


Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Time, Its Real

Wow, my last post was 8 months ago, during the last month we have:

  • Talked to a lot of bankers

  • Talked to a lot of people

  • Revised the financials a lot

  • Looked at a lot of buildings

  • Had a lot of investor meetings

  • Collected information from several equipment manufacturers

  • Began spending what will be A LOT of money

  • Drank a lot of beer

  • Made a lot of beer (relatively speaking)

  • After all of those activities, what have we accomplished?

  • We've decided to say "screw the banks if we have to wait on them, we'll never get open"

  • Met Mark Dunkerley of Jubilee Beer (good beer for a good cause) and have agreed to form a partnership where Mayday will brew additional styles of Jubilee Beer

  • We have collected enough investor money and reexamined and committed more of our own money to order equipment. We have a 30bbl brewhouse (930 gallons) and 4 fermentors being fabicated on Prince Edward Island @ DME right now. See the map above.

  • We have identified a bldg that we like and we are beginning to work through the details of the lease

  • We have firmly committed to R. S. Lipman as a distributor.

  • We have had a lot of fun telling our story and listening to other people's ideas

  • What we still have to do:

  • Raise about $90,000 from investors, if you are interested in owning a piece of Mayday Brewery, email me:

  • Negotiate and sign a win-win lease.

  • Elect a board of directors

  • Move our head brewer Wiz down from Chicago

  • Once those things are done, there is another long list of stuff that I hope to talk about as we go. We hope to be producing beer in the middle of September 2012. Stay tuned for further updates.