Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mayday Open Mic Thursday Press Release

Media Contact:
Ozzy Nelson
Founder, Mayday Brewery
615-479-9722 |

Local brewery to host the bimonthly event.

MURFREESBORO – Aug 24, 2016 – Mayday Brewery invites local musicians to come show off their talent in the Mayday Tasting Room on the first and third Thursday evening of every month at 6:00 beginning September 1, 2016. 

Admission is free and the event will be open to any musician wanting to play. Each musician will have the opportunity to play for 10-12 minutes, two to three songs. The event is being organized by local musician Ashlie Jewel. “Murfreesboro needs a place where local aspiring musicians can express their talent in a supportive, relaxed environment. Mayday is the perfect place because everyone here is family”, Jewel explains.

In addition to the new open microphone event, Mayday has a tradition of unveiling a new small batch beer every Thursday. Also, My Roots Curbside Culinary food truck will be onsite every Thursday selling their delicious freshly prepared food for the music lovers.

More info…
What: Open Microphone Thursday at Mayday Brewery
When: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. the first and third Thursdays of each month beginning September 1st.
Where: Mayday Brewery, located at the
corner of Kings Highway and Old Salem Road in downtown Murfreesboro 
Admission is Free. Pints of Mayday beer $5

About Mayday Brewery
Mayday Brewery produces six craft beers and can be found on-tap at more than 130 Middle Tennessee restaurants and bars. The tasting room is open to the public from 4-8 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday, 1:00-8:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 1:00-7:00p.m. Sunday. Brewery tours are also available Saturday. Brewery visitors may purchase pints or half-gallon jugs of beer at the tasting room, and patrons are encouraged to bring a picnic or purchase from one of several food trucks that regularly visits Mayday.


2016 Hot Chicken and Jorts Press Release

Media Contact:
Ozzy Nelson
Founder, Mayday Brewery
615-479-9722 |

Local brewery to host 4th annual Redneck-themed fundraiser
MURFREESBORO – Aug 12, 2016 – Mayday Brewery invites local craft beer lovers to release their inner redneck for its 4th annual Hot Chicken & Jorts South celebration. Yes, that is “jorts,” as in blue jeans cut into shorts. 

Admission is free and the event will be held from 11:30-9:00 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27, at Mayday Brewery, the event will serve as a fundraiser for The Oasis Center, a Nashville-based non-profit for at-risk teens. Also, the same day at 6:00, Operation Education Animal Rescue will be holding a silent auction fundraiser called Rockin’ 4 Rescue.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken will provide its famous hot chicken all day. Hattie B’s has two locations in Nashville and has quickly become a favorite hot chicken spot for locals and out-of-towners alike. For those with less adventurous pallets, local food truck Buns on the Run will be serving gourmet burgers and smoothies.

“Cut your jean shorts just a little too short, comb your mullet and let that beer belly hang out,” says Nelson founder of Mayday Brewery, calling the event “a redneck costume party. There will be a photo booth, and an outdoor cash bar, so bring some cash, slather some sunscreen, and bring lawn chairs.”    

Mayday will also host a very tongue-in-cheek contest to crown King and Queen of the Trailer Park during the event. The King and Queen will each take home a customized Jug of Fun.

In addition to craft brews and hot chicken, the Hot Chicken & Jorts party will feature live music starting at 4:00p.m. with blues/rock performances by Scissormen, Jackillacs, and Thunderfrog.

More info…
What: Hot Chicken & Jorts
When: 11:30-9:00 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 27
Where: Mayday Brewery, located at the
corner of Kings Highway and Old Salem Road in downtown Murfreesboro 
Admission is Free. Pints of Mayday beer $5 and Hattie B’s Hot Chicken $8.50 and up.
Bonus: Twenty percent of pint sales to benefit The Oasis Center, and a silent auction to benefit Operation Education Animal Rescue

About Mayday Brewery
Mayday Brewery produces six craft beers and can be found on-tap at more than 130 Middle Tennessee restaurants and bars. The tasting room is open to the public from 4-8 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday, 1:00-8:00 p.m. on Saturday, and 1:00-7:00p.m. Sunday. Brewery tours are also available Saturday. Brewery visitors may purchase pints or half-gallon jugs of beer at the tasting room, and patrons are encouraged to bring a picnic or purchase from one of several food trucks that regularly visits Mayday.

About Oasis Center
The OASIS Center is one of the nation’s leading youth-serving organizations, offering safety and support to Nashville’s most vulnerable and disconnected youth, while seeking to also teach young people how to transform the conditions that create problems for them in the first place.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Birthday KELSEY NELSON!!!

 Perfect timing to finally get this blog spotlight on you finished and posted. In case any of you do not already know, Kelsey is the new Head Brewer at Mayday Brewery. How awesome is that?! Mayday is already the coolest place in town and makes the best beer around, but now they have a woman head brewer. That is rare in the brewery world, and she is killing it! For me, and I know other people as well, it's also loads of fun to talk beer with her. It is rare to find a woman that knows much about beer, but when you do you can count on some killer beer knowledge. She is the brains and science behind much of the beer at Mayday and can tell you some interesting facts about the beer.  Now she has the ability to apply her knowledge to making the beer and creating some incredibly delicious beer. Be on the look out to see what she creates.
                 A few months ago I found her just hanging out in the tasting room…not working either, just hanging out like a normal person. Weird, right? This gave me the wonderful opportunity to hang out with her and get to know her a little more. Let me just say, she is way cool. Definitely lots of fun to be around her and soak up some of her super chill personality. She is quite sociable and not afraid to just meet people and make friends. I love it. We’ve had multiple fun conversations about beer, but mostly from behind the bar.  She has taught me new things and it makes me feel special when she asks me to try a beer.  It’s also a lot of fun to get to go into the brewery and watch her work, sometimes even get to help. So, hanging out with her was definitely a cool experience. There is never a quiet or dull or awkward moment with her. The conversation and fun times just keep going. She is always smiling and just appears to be loving life and having fun. There is a very cool spark about her that attracts a lot of positive energy.  I got the chance to snag her for a brief interview.
How did you get started with Mayday?
I started in October of 2014. I used to say ‘I just want to make beer and babies’ I’m not making babies, but get to make beer. I enjoy working for the family, sister behind the bar and Dad walking around talking to people. I’m indebted to him for all he’s done for me. This is how I could give back.
Tell me about working with Ozzy?
It’s good, we understand each other. He is very passionate and every emotion is to the extreme. I know him and sometimes have to stop and remind him ‘I’m on your team.’ We didn’t talk much before so, it’s cool to have a closer relationship. I know no matter what I say, he still going to love me.
How do you think Mayday has changed, helped, made an impression on Murfreesboro?
Mayday has made a community, a family. It’s not a typical bar, it’s a place with a mix of backgrounds and people bring families, just good people. Lot’s of locals that have lived in Murfreesboro for a long time have a place to show Murfreesboro’s culture. I’m always meeting new people. There’s so many great people; a great place to be in the ‘Boro.
Do you have a really cool story or experience from a customer that stands out?

Not really. We have wedding receptions and even weddings held regularly. It’s cool it’s a place you would want to be on your most special day. There’s even been a memorial service. Always something different.

Thanks Kelsey and Happy Birthday!

Stephanie, Mayday's Dancing Blogger

<                            That's Kelsey and me

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Tours and Local Live Music Makes for a Phenomenal Weekend at Mayday!

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! Come one. Come all. Come see the amazing Ozzy and take one of the crazy fun tours. They are every Saturday at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00, no reservation required. I’m just going to go ahead and guarantee a good time. You will also get to meet The Mayday Treasure Terron as he starts the tour and pours the beer.  Sometimes you will even get to see me, standing of in the corner taking random pictures. Haha…You will also get to meet many of the regulars who take the tour on a regular basis. Some of these guys like Ray, Mike, Brittney, and Savanna have been on the tour so many times they are giving their souvenir tour glasses away as gifts, or having to remove their everyday glasses out of their kitchen cabinets at home to make room for more tour glasses. They are pretty cool glasses. It’s also fun how the regulars interact with Ozzy and help add to the fun of the tour. Just having so many people coming back regularly to take the tour lets you know that it is definitely something worth experiencing. Heck I think some of these guys have been on the tour “as many times as I have,” Ozzy would say. That’s a sure fire sign they are a good time.
Another thing that makes the tours so much fun is the level of audience participation. Ozzy encourages this by rewarding smart ass comments with an animal cracker. He goes through a lot of animal crackers. Every tour that I have been on has had me cracking up at some point along the way. Usually about halfway through everyone is loosened up and really having a good time and cracking all kinds of jokes and one-liners. You will hear things like Brian asking “Is Ron Jeremy your dad?” Then Rachael said, referring to the animal crackers, “down for a good cause.” “Puff, puff pass” is probably one of the best things I’ve heard on the tour. Jared was a very clever man to come up with that one. The most common things I hear people say are “This is the best tour I have ever been on.” “I have never been on a tour like this before.” It makes the whole experience that much better when you hear so many people say that about Ozzy and his tours. We have had several people travel here just because of these tours. Meaghan came from Massachusetts to take a tour. Kris and his wife came from Georgia; friends from Wisconsin and Michigan have also made the trip. There are many, many more traveling people that have taken a Mayday tour and will be many more. SO come take a tour. Not only do you get a cool glass, ample samples, crazy Ozzy and the occasional serenade or instrumental preview from the band, you also meet some really cool people and have a phenomenal time!

Don’t forget to stick around and check out the bands also. Another great part of Mayday is how they help and support local musicians. Their music motto is “No cover charges and no cover bands.” These musicians come to perform for the love of the people and Mayday. Come listen and support them and help them to get their names and music out to the masses! Every Friday and Saturday there are live bands. Sometimes there will be music on Thursdays also. Also, keep a lookout; we might start a “selfie with the band” posting. Already have a few. Get to Mayday this weekend for a really fun time!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sushi, Yoga, and Giant Jenga All at Mayday

If you are looking for something to do this summer, do not look any further! Mayday Brewery has plenty of entertaining options to choose from. On Cinco de Mayo Mayday hosted its first Sushi Class. The class sold out in no time and was phenomenal! Our instructor Kelly was lots of fun and very helpful in explaining the process. I had no idea how easy it actually is to make sushi, but now, the lucky person who gets a date with me will get to eat some amazing Sushi made at home. Kelly made the entire experience a blast. She explained the rice, the sauces, the meats, and was very detailed in explaining everything. We did have a High Maintenance table that kept all of us on our toes. These ladies were quick and if we had animal crackers from our tours they would have gotten their share, but Kelly took it in stride and we had a fun and educational Cinco de Mayo. Kelly will be leading another sushi class at Mayday on May 26, so be sure and get your tickets early. You will love it!

This week, I also participated in my first Yoga at Mayday class with Layce. I’m a power-lifter that just started training for my first trail half marathon and my body is feeling it. I’ve been pondering yoga for a while and finally had the opportunity to participate in this class. Shockingly, I was able to do most of the poses! Lacey makes this class very manageable for people of all skill levels, and you will find a nice sense of peace and becoming centered through it all. Not to mention, I finally wore yoga pants for yoga and got to enjoy a delicious beer (looking a hot, sweaty mess) with a fabulous group of women afterwards. Lacey has created something special. Not only are you getting some great exercise for your body, you are benefiting mentally as well, all in a great space where the Mayday beer is produced. The next yoga class will be May 14 at 1:00pm. Follow Yoga at Mayday on Facebook for class schedules. 

Giant Jenga has taken off now that the weather is nicer. Every day there is someone attempting to master this game and break the record for tallest tower. You can also hear the loud crash of the blocks quite often. No matter how many times it happens, I will always be a little startled. There are times when the Jenga has become the focus of the evening because it is that interesting. I’ve even heard of a few people trying to mathematically or scientifically find the best way to master the game. I’m thinking a Jenga tournament would be fun, what do you think?

There are so many other wonderful activities at Mayday. Tours every Saturday at 3, 4, and 5, live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2-4-1 on Wednesdays and small batches on Thursdays (and sometimes live music Thursdays as well). So come check them out and follow the on Facebook and Instagram. Also, keep following this blog. Share it with your friends and family. You may even get to be in the story, or if you have ideas for blog topics, don’t be shy, let me know. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Day May 1, It was a JAMbalaya!!

Wow!! The May Day JAMbalaya was incredible!! There could not have been a more perfect event. This day truly exposed the Mayday Family environment I’ve been trying to express over the last few months. There were so many patrons and first time guests at this event. I spent most of the day just people watching and soaking in the experience. Everywhere I looked were signs of people coming together from the community as a family. You could really see how proud everyone was to have Mayday and be a part of something so special. When the first batch of crawfish came out everyone was so excited. There were people crowding around to take pictures and video the moment. Tony from My Roots put on a beautiful performance of “plating the food.” People gathered at the table watching him spread the crawfish, and then add the lemons, potatoes, corn and seasoning was really fun. Oh yes, good times!!

What goes better with good food than good beer and good music?! Mayday also released their new beer Going CoMango.  It’s a delicious Mango Shandy that is perfect for the upcoming hot summer days. In addition to the success of the new beer, they also had a great turnout for the open mic jam. Several local musicians came out to showcase their wonderful talents. It was truly a jam session also. So many of the musicians would play their sets, and then join in with other sets. They were treating it just like a jam session and rocking out some phenomenal music together.  That’s what you do at family gatherings, right? Meet up on Sunday afternoons, cookout, and catch up, show of your talents and introduce the new people in your life.

There were several new people being introduced to Mayday this Sunday. Ozzy did a couple tours and the second tour was almost entirely people visiting the brewery for the first time. Alice brought Meaghan, all the way from Massachusetts.  The girls were a riot. Alice was quick with the zingers like, “Auger…I barely know her!” and “No money for your package?! Sorry about your luck.”  There were many more but I couldn’t keep up with them all. The zingers must have made her hungry because she ate half the bowl of animal crackers on this tour. This day was full of happy faces from all ages and for all reasons.  Keep a lookout on the website and Facebook page for updates of other fabulous events at Mayday. They will most definitely be worth the trip. Ozzy and Mayday love the people so come out and show how much you love them!!