Thursday, March 24, 2016

St Patrick's Day and MIze and the Drive

Since moving back home, it has been my mission to meet some interesting people. To recreate the friend
group atmosphere I had back in KY. It started out quite a challenge, but then I started visiting Mayday a little more regularly. Let me tell you, the last few weeks have been a huge success in meeting people. The nicer weather is pulling people out and I have had so much fun with new friends. A fun twist is that my day job is also with the public. Recently I’ve seen several people from work at the brewery, which always throws them off. Everyone seems to think I live at the gym, but they do let me leave from time to time…haha.
Thursday was St. Patty’s Day and a huge success. So many people out drinking green beer, eating the delicious food and rocking out to some killer music. The Festivus Players, and Tom Mason and the BlueBuccaneers were so much fun and was really getting the audience involved.
I also enjoyed seeing some friends and playing Cards Against Humanity. While playing a cute and hilarious couple Tia and Ryan randomly sat next to us and then joined the game. They were cracking me up and so much fun to hang out with. It was exactly what I have been experiencing when I’m at Mayday. New people, lots of laughs and a great time.
Friday night I went out with Ozzy and Terron (yes, the three of us make an interesting combination).  and met Guy, Katie, and Amanda.  We had such a great conversation with them and came up with some fun ideas about events for the summer. It was so good to meet people outside of the brewery and hear about how much they love it and are excited to spend time there. They had fun stories to tell about their past visits and which beer they like most. Ozzy has developed a little bit of a celebrity status in town and it was kind of cool to see how people in the community reacted to seeing him. Mayday is definitely making its presence known in the ‘Boro!
Saturday was another phenomenal day for meeting people. It started with Beer and Writing with Karen Alea Ford. There I met Candice and Alberta. A fun couple ladies that have some fascinating writing projects underway. I learned so many helpful tips during this class. Karen stuck around for quite a while and let me kind of hangout with her. Through her I met tons of cool people and almost became part of her goal for that day to help me. She is now my go-to when I need to meet people. Hope that’s ok Karen. Her husband Colin, and the two other couples I met were a blast. They were definitely right up my alley with the unique, kind of different from the norm, character. Like the amazing hairdresser that I would’ve guessed was a landscaper. The conversation just kept flowing and was very entertaining. I felt right at home. The tours on Saturday also had some fun people. Tim and Terry were friends of the band and enjoyed their first trip to Mayday, as well as the tour. Then I met the lovely Virginia. She and her husband James take the tour regularly just to give Ozzy a hard time. She was getting the best of Ozzy, and had everyone rolling when she said “Have I said a word since I got beer & cheese puffs?!” Oh my goodness, that was great!!

Mize and the Drive rounded out the weekend with some funky rock 'n roll. This band brings a large and diverse crowd. They have a great following in the 'Boro, and why not? They really rock. If you missed Mize and the Drive, they'll be rocking the outside stage at the brewery on May 21. 

All of this fun was just in a couple of days at Mayday. The community spirit and awesome fun the people bring with them in to the brewery is what makes this place amazing. It is most definitely a “home away from home” kind of place. We want you to come experience it also. There is great music and delicious food weekly. This week there will be Yoga and beer at 1:00 on Saturday. Also, the famous tours at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00. Come and introduce yourself to me and let me hear your story about Mayday or just get to know you. We want you to be a part of our story also. I’ll be looking for you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Trivia, Beer and Hymns and a Red Wine Hangover

Last week was such a fun week. The release of Pequod on Thursday, Trivia and “Red Wine Hangover” on Friday, the Wild West charity event followed by “Montez and the Groove Machine” on Saturday, then, Beer and Hymns on Sunday. Not to mention Mayday’s participation in The Gatsby Party to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association. So much going on and so much more planned. Now that the weather is warming up plan to spend some time on the fantastic Mayday deck. I love the view of the courthouse from my spot on the deck.

The performance by “Red Wine Hangover” on Friday was phenomenal. Ozzy did the vocals on their song “Spins” and he killed it! I had so much fun and even had to break down and dance a little on the last song. Hard to resist the urge to move to great music, especially when there is so much energy in the room. I’m pretty sure the crowd was equally as impressed. There was a large turnout that kept the beautiful ladies behind the bar incredibly busy, but they rocked it!!
I met Mr. Dylan Hagewood on Thursday. He was full of fun and very interesting conversation. This dude knew a lot about seed. He sells the seed that grows the barley that is malted to brew the delicious Mayday beer. “He is Genesis and I am Revelation” as Ozzy says.  The interesting people that come here are part of what make my job so much fun.

I always meet cool people at Mayday, like Ashlie and Frank. They are a fascinating, eclectic, hippie couple that are always smiling and fun to hangout with. I had no idea, but Ozzy says they play great bluegrass music. Catch their show on April Fool’s Day at 6:00 at the brewery. Then there is Vanessa and Spencer whom I met on one of the fabulous tours. They were doing an excellent job of adding spice to the tour. Keeping up with Ozzy on a tour can be challenging, but they nailed it. Group participation is always welcome. By the way, I also got to help out Saturday with some of the activities, and.even got to go behind the bar for a few moments…that was definitely a very proud highlight of my day. Haha.

Come out this week and experience all the fabulous activities, music and people at Mayday. The St. Patrick’s Day party on Thursday will be great. Music will start with Irish tunes from Festivus Players at 4:30 then at 6:00 “Tom Mason & The Blue Buccaneers” will having everyone singing like a pirate. There will be  beer specials and delicious Irish fare from the My Roots Food Truck. I expect to see you there and meet some more cool people. And don’t miss out on a tour and a loving hug from Ozzy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

First I have to say a big “thank you” to Lee Rennick for a very sweet story to add to our blog last week. The love is very much what we want you to feel when you experience Mayday. We love every one that enters our doors and want to make sure you know it. It’s engrained in the energy. There are so many lovely stories that tell the wonder of the Mayday experience. I mean “beer, hugs, and rock n’ roll” …does it get better?

While it has been a nice couple of weeks off, it’s time to get back to work. The stories keep coming. Even Trip Advisor is helping. The weekend after Valentine’s Day, Heather and her husband were searching on the internet for places to go near Cookeville and Mayday came up. They made their way to the ‘Boro to celebrate a late Valentine’s Day weekend, and came by Mayday. Heather said she “loved Mayday” and is definitely coming back. Just like that a new fan of Mayday is born! They were lots of fun also and made my job of finding a good story easy. Those are my favorite to share. Thumbs up to Trip Advisor!

I met regulars Scott and Hillary last week who have come to the brewery since the beginning. Scott discovered the brewery through one of the many art shows that happen here. Since his first visit he was hooked, and has been coming a few days a week since. He even introduced the brewery to Hillary, who lives about 45 minutes away. She makes her way to the brewery as often as she can. Despite the distance she loves the atmosphere and enjoys the company of the people.

Since the weather was so beautiful this weekend, who could resist trying to break the Giant Jenga record or playing a friendly game of darts? Just so you know Olivia and I, along with two other fellas, hold the record for the tallest Jenga tower. That had some tense moments.  The entire room, including the band, was completely taken by what was happening. Where else would you find such a community spirit? Definitely a fun bucket list achievement.

Come out this weekend and hangout with us. The killer band “Red Wine Hangover” will be jamming acoustic with us Friday evening. Then Yoga on Saturday at 1:00 in the brewery. $10 gets you an hour of yoga and a pint of beer at the end. Brewery tours are Saturday at 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00. Then Montez and the Groove Makers funk it up at 6pm. The weather is finally warming up to enjoy some beer out on the patio and have the doors open to let in the fresh air. Make it a part of your weekend’s experience and share your story with me. I look forward to seeing your lovely faces.