Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Mayday Blog is Born Again

Hello all of you lovely readers. My name is Stephanie and Ozzy has asked me to take over the task of writing the blog for Mayday Brewery. I'll start with a brief introduction of myself. I was born and raised in the beautiful Murfreesboro, then moved to Paducah, KY in 2005. There's not much of anything going on in that tiny city, but that was where my story began. While there I started a cute little family and now have 3 super cool children. I was also introduced to powerlifting and am now a competitive powerlifter. Way cool, right?! Then, I went to my first brewery and instantly fell in love with craft beer. Also in my time there I became quite a foodie and reconnected with my hippie side, spending as much time as possible seeking adventure, exploring nature, appreciating art and developing a unique palette for food and beer. November 2015 I moved back home and this is where my story starts a new chapter.  Murfreesboro has completely changed over the last 10 years, and I have lost contact with many of my old friends. This was leaving me feeling as though I'm the new kid in a new city and trying to find a cool place to hangout. My brother had told me of Mayday so I looked them up and paid them a visit.
When I go to a brewery it is 75% the experience that hooks me, even when it comes to tasting the beer. I walked in at 4:30 on a Thursday with no idea of where I'm going or what to expect (my favorite way to embrace the experience). The first thing I saw was the very interesting entrance and the checkered walk path. Then  I turned the corner and  saw a super rad mural and the curvy checkered path continues. As I'm walking towards the tasting room my mind is just going wild with the brilliant stimuli already observed. I was full of energy and excited to see what was beyond the next door. As soon as I enter the tasting room I am greeted by the beautiful Emily, who knows her beer well (always an excellent quality). The entire space from the entrance, to the brewery, the tasting room and outside space is incredible! Then it's time to taste the beer...AMAZING! I'm sold!
After introductions and conversation Mayday volunteer Terron explains the Saturday tours and  lets me know that I have to check one out. Unfortunately my schedule would not permit me to attend until this past Saturday. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Up to this point I had only been able to come on a few weekday evenings, and my experience was awesome every time. Everyone at Mayday (from Ozzy the owner to the bartenders, and the customers give off a very welcoming, super cool, chill vibe that anyone would love. I've met really cool people and made some new friends. But, the tour  takes the Mayday experience to a whole new level. It makes this place truly a one of a kind brewery that stands above any of the many breweries I have visited.
 On other brewery tours you walk around and listen to someone give interesting facts about the building, what they do and their brewing process and maybe a little taste of one of the beers. That's it, simple, cool knowledge and you've been in the space they brew their delicious beers. The Mayday tour is a whole new reality you will not find anywhere else. Ozzy is amazing! These tours all about loving the people, and creating an awesome time for them. He is full of life and energy and love and makes sure that you will be also. This tour is phenomenal. Every person has the ability to be an active contributor to this energy. Ozzy brings an element to your brewery experience that can't even be described with words. Just "you have to experience yourself to understand!" On this tour you will get some really cool facts and learn how the brewing process works, but in a way no other brewery does. Not to mention “ample samples” of their four core beers poured by Terron who isn’t shy in adding his wit during the tour. These tours have so much going on it is hard to take it all in on just one tour. So, plan to take more than one. It will be worth every penny and second spent doing so. I met so many people on this tour and discovered that several people had taken the tour several times. That is how rad this is. In fact, before taking this tour I've had multiple conversations with many people I meet through work that told me how crazy these tours are. This weekend I met folks from Hendersonville who brought their visiting relatives down through the snow to take the tour. So, clearly, Mayday Brewery rocks! I've been to breweries (both big and small) and none of them even come close to creating the experience of Mayday. Part of life (the most important part I believe) should be creating fun and happiness and making wonderful memories. What better way than in the presence of an awesome environment and phenomenal company and delicious beer? I'm already planning a gathering there with my friends from Paducah. Mayday has amazing local musicians play on Fridays and Saturdays with quite a variety of different musical styles.  And if you get hungry, My Roots food truck is there serving delicious food everyday that Mayday is open (try the veggie spring rolls...my fav!). Oh...and can't forget yoga in the brewery every other week. .

Mayday is also an excellent place to host a private event. They rent the space after hours for birthday parties, weddings, receptions, showers, reunions, and even memorial services. So, come by and check them out. Support the local businesses and musicians and the community and embrace the uniqueness of Mayday Brewery. I plan to write more of these blogs and would love to include you in them. The community is what helps perpetuate environment of Mayday, so make sure I get to meet you. Here are some fun pictures of recent tours. Come join one of them Saturday at 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00! Super excited to see you out there!