Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving
Wow, what a year. So many so many awesome people have come into our lives this year that we will never had the opportunity to meet without the brewery. We have had a year of trying our best not to suck and it doesn’t come without a ton of help. We have produced more than 1,500 barrels of beer this past year. That is 46,500 gallons. We have hosted lots of private parties, done a few of tours, given some beer and money to several charities, and had a ton of fun. This being the season of Thanksgiving, I want to thank so many people. I will forget someone, but suck it up, it wasn’t intentional.
·        To all of the people who have bought our beer both at the tasting room and at local restaurants and bars. Thanks for buying our beer and thanks for raising hell when places don’t have us on tap.
·        To our regulars at the tasting room who have kept  us company week after week.
·        To our investors and their family members for helping us whenever we needed it whether it was manning festival booths, promoting us, or working behind the bar in the tasting room. Lisa McCormick, Lisa Stevens, Katie Caplenor, Jennifer Nelson, Sydney McCormick, Suzanne Hall, Intern Matt., Ashlee and Dustin Smith, Kelsey Nelson, the ‘other’ Nelson kids Emma and Elisha, and Allison Sims. Thanks Clay Gupton for coming in and busting ass to help us every week.
·        To my old man Bob “Bobarino” Nelson and Gary Fryery who did a ton of mechanical, plumbing and electrical work over the past 14 months.
·        To Karen Winford who documented our events in awesome photographs.+
·        To Austin Gray whose graphic art talents have branded us so well.
·        To my brother and his wife Tracy and Mary Nelson who have helped out almost every Saturday doing whatever needed to get done.
·        To my wife Pamela and son Wyatt who have been neglected while I pursue my dream, and who have been there to keep the ship sailing in the tasting room and paying the bills.
·        To my brewers John Overby and Nick “Wiz” Wisniewski for making great beer and working to continuously improve our processes, and for helping with the sound on special events.
·        To Tommy McCormick for always being there. What a bromance.
·        To Charles Nelson for kicking total ass on social media and booking bands.
·        Mike Stevens for doing anything behind the scenes that he can and sporting and awesome mullet.
·        Mike Caplenor for sharing his gift for carpentry, business and his sweaty bald head.
·        All of the bands that have come to play. A special thanks to all the bands who have come from out of town to play in the brewery. And for  those who have come back a second time, Thelma and the Sleaze, Crazy Aces, Static Revival and Them Vibes.
·        Charles Pierce & Worxgroup for being Mayday merchandise central.
·        To our distributor RS Lipman. Go sell some more beer.
·        To Ashley Francis who has been loving the people and selling our beer.
·        To Randy Jubilee and Mark Dunkerly for bringing us Jubilee and the attitude that goes with it.
·        To Dave Baughman and the crew at Allied Boiler, Mike at Walter Hill Plumbing and Rick Young at Diversified Metal Engineering. Your support has been awesome, and I’m sure the check is in the mail.
·        To all of the restaurants and bars that carry our beer. I love you.
·        Dawna, Joe and Michelle at the Art Barn.
·        Melinda Hudgins Noblitt and Nancy De Gennaro for the great press.
·        The Yeasty Boys
·        To “BAM” Dave Tratchet for etching those cool Jugs of Fun for event prizes.
·        Food trucks, My Roots, Two Guys in a Lunchbox, Shorty’s Pizza Bus, Miller’s Grocery, Govenor’s BBQ, and everyone else that has helped us out with food.
·        To Jarrod Franklin and his hungry dairy cows for picking up and properly disposing of our spent grain.
·        To Matt and Rent the Big Event for the use of the trailer and corn-hole sets.
·        Jamie Jennings at Broad Street Tobacco and Mike at Liquid Smoke for promoting our beer all over town.
·        Panther Creek. Thanks Melvin, JT and Jeremy for the lighting and advice as well as all of the support.
·        To Art and the MidState Brewcrew.
·        Tyler at Rebel Brewer for his hardware advice.
·        Sean “Talk to the Hand” for his fancy coffee for the “Talk to the Hand Coffee Stout.”

And Brandon Hanna Custom Tattoos for the never fading Evil Octopus.

·        I feel very loved. 
·        Thank You
·        Ozzy