Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wedding Crasher

We rent our tasting room/bar out to private parties after hours. We have been looking forward to this weekend, because two of our regular patroons, Dustin and Sarah were having their wedding reception from 8:00 to 12:00 Saturday night. Dustin and Sarah are awesome people, so we knew that their friends would be just as cool.

Another one of our regulars is Dave. Dave owns his own metal fabrication/powder coat/sand blast shop just across the railroad tracks from the brewery. Check out his work BAM Customs. Dave works on Saturday, and has always shows up around 7:00. The first time we met Dave we were having a private party that night and he shows up and stays thru the entire party, not knowing he was the only stranger there. So, now it is running joke that every time there is a private party, Dave will show up and hang with the actual invited guests.

Last night was no exception, we had bets going behind the bar about what time Dave would show. He strolled in about 7:35 and ordered his usual Angry Redhead. We made fun of him of course, because he has a reputation to live up to. Dave sat and drank with the regular patrons and actually met the groom. He finished his beer at about 10:00 and left saying he would come back.

The wedding reception went on and everyone forgot about Dave not being there.
 At 11:30, the limo driver arrived to pick up the bride and groom, and the party was still going pretty strong. Shortly behind the limo driver, in walks Dave with one of our Jugs of Fun in his hand. He had taken a jug and sandblasted a message for the newly weds. He said later that when he saw the limo go by his shop that he had better hurry up.

Dustin and Sarah loved the gift from the 'wedding crasher' and I (Ozzy) filled it with Angry Redhead to take on their hornymoon.