Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Boro Art Crawl is Always Interesting at Mayday

I'm back and man, does it feel good! Two weeks gone felt like a long time, but I was rewarded greatly for the break. My power lifting competition was a huge success, and now I'm back at my favorite place to meet people and share experiences. This was also a good week to come back. In fact, so much to talk about I'm going to have to break the excitement down into two separate blogs. That's the kind of rad stuff I'm looking for when I'm at Mayday! Friday night April 8th was the Boro Art Crawl and Mayday featured one of the new regulars, Jeff Russo. This dude is quite a character and it was so much fun to share in this experience with him. I saw him Thursday night at the brewery and he was all a glow. Busting at the seams with excitement to show off his artwork and his infamous art car the next day. It's been a while since I've seen anyone so excited. Friday he was in the groove, with his cool jacket and top hat. He floated around the entire space talking with the multitude of people inquiring about his art. Just imagine how cool it was be to be the center of attention at such and awesome place. I was joined by one of my dearest high school friends, Cynthia (which was so much fun), and I could see and feel his excitement from across the room. To have your artwork on display for so many people to see is such a special experience. Jeff's very eccentric car and style and super positive personality have helped him to be recognized as the fantastic artist he is. Mayday was so wonderful for putting his artwork along with his face out into the community. He has only been here a few months and now he is a recognizable artist in town. A recognizable staple at Mayday, as well. This is part of the special awesomeness of the Mayday experience. There are not too many other places that helps transform dreams into reality. Being able to share in this experience with Jeff was very rewarding. Nice and reassuring there is good in life still. Mayday is definitely the place to experience the good in Murfreesboro.
Saturday was a continuation of the greatness. Jeff finally got to go on his first brewery
tour. Being that he is so cool, he was recognized during the tour as a regular and helped hold the microphone for Ozzy briefly. Being included on the tour was like a grand finale to his phenomenal weekend experience. Be certain not to miss the next 'Boro Art Crawl at Mayday on June 10 from 4 until 8ish.

Peace and Love

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